Module 2 Pillion Passenger Questions

What advice you would give a pillion passenger?
• Make sure they are wearing the correct clothing including an approved safety helmet.
• Make sure they sit on the bike astride, facing forwards with their feet on the foot pegs at all times.
• Tell them were to hold. Either to the rider or the grab rail.
• Don’t fidget about.
• Lean with the rider and the bike into the corners.
• Don’t do any arm signals.
• Don’t look over my shoulder.

What adjustments would you make to the bike if you were taking a pillion passenger?
• Increase the tyre pressures according to the manufacturer’s advice (owner’s manual).
• Adjust the suspension according to the manufacturer’s advice (owner’s manual).
• Fold the foot pegs down.
• Adjust the headlights according to the manufacturer’s advice (owner’s manual).
• Adjust the mirrors up, as the back will squat down.

How is the extra weight on the back going to affect the handling?
• Acceleration is going to be affecting. On more powerful bike the front could go very light.
• Deceleration is affected. Stopping distances are going to increase.
• Cornering is going to be affected. Centre of gravity is higher therefore it is wise to go into corners slower.
• Front wheel is going to be lighter. Therefore it will feel a little bit vague.

What would affect your balance?
• Wind.
• Drink/Drugs.
• Poorly maintained machine.
• Additional weight.
• Road surface.

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