Friendly and professional motorcycle training in Laindon, Basildon, Essex SS15 6PX providing CBT courses,
training for A1, A2 and A motorcycle licences. We teach you how to ride not just how to pass your test. CBT courses also available in E16.


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05/01/17 J. Dipple Posted:


Done my cbt thought to full licence amazing group of trainers great support all around will and have recommended


14/12/16 12.23 P. Nunn Posted:


Passed my mod 1 and 2 first time with ART rider training. Big shout out to Darren brilliant instructor, I did my first ever CBT with him around 5 years ago popped a wheelie and dropped the bike and I always remember him picking up the bike and building my confidence to get back on! Now 5 years later it was good he was there to see me pass.

0 minors on mod 1 and only 1 minor on mod 2 very happy and would recommend them to anybody whether it's getting on a bike for the first time or looking to pass your full test.

Thanks to everybody else too! Kelly for keeping me company whilst I vape! And Colin for being Colin lol 


31/10/16 11.21 T. Wiggins Posted:


I am leaving feedback today the day I passed my full bike licence, I am 60 years old hadn\'t ridden a bike for over 43 years I wanted to get my licence so I can get a motorbike to take with me and the wife on our motorhome . A friend of a friend recommended ART who said they are the best in this area ,I haven\'t been disappointed. From my first visit meeting Rich and Kelly to the end result of the full licence it has been excellent, my training was with Collin or Darren they have had early starts to work around my work these fellas are the real deal they are both cool as cucumbers and both unflapable with a knowledge of motorcycles and motorcycling second to none.if you a reading this looking for a company to do your training with then look no further you won\'t be disappointed. Thanks again to the whole team at ART.


20/09/16 13:43 D.Lumer Posted:


Just passed my Mod 2 today. All of my training from CBT onwards has been through ART. I had never ridden a bike before 7 weeks ago, these guys have got me from a complete starter to Mod 2 with all first time passes. Thanks to Kelly, Andy, Colin and Darren (in particular as you kept me believing and made me chuckle). As you can tell from these comment I definitely recommend ART them. Thanks again team.


15/09/16 22:13 S.Weaver Posted:


First off i would like to thank the whole team at ART. I would for sure spread the word for you guys. Between Colin and Darren you helped me get through my transition up to my CAT A. You are at ease while in their hands makes you feel so confident. Thank you also for sharing some great tales of motorcycling, comical and serious. Book with ART and you will never regret your choice. Happy biking!


10/09/16 11:47 M.Allen Posted:


What can I say ..... superb, superb, superb !. I wish I could have turned back the clock and used theses guys at the start for all my training - they would have deserved the money! I had failed my Mod2 twice with a prior conveyor belt training company and went to ART for a 4hr training session and a Mod 2 retest. From the moment I walked in I was treated like I was their first customer (clearly not though). The first thing that was done was to walk through my previous failed tests to look at areas of weakness - WOW - my previous training company didn\'t even have any interest in this. Darren was with me 1-1 for the full 4 hours and he is a very talented guy on the training front. His techniques and words of wisdom sit in your subconscious and guide you through the day. Such a great guy in a great company. I finished the 4 hours with Darren then prepared for my Mod2 a week later. I got home after the course and said to my Mrs I\'ve actually had TRAINING today! So on the test day and hoping for 3rd time lucky I passed with 0 minors / majors. All I remember in my test was Darren\'s voice guiding me on all the things I needed to focus on. I then rode back to the test centre and was treated so well, pats on the back, hand shake, meeting the boss, chats on riding, pictures taken....(rather than \"you\'ve passed you can go now\") had I now driven back as a King... they certainly made me feel like it! This company deserve great success - they are brilliant and I must take my hat of to Darren as a gem in the company. I am just submitting a survey in relation to the ongoing quality assurance checks with the MCIAC. I have given them full marks on everything and I will add this commentary to the survey. I can safely say if anyone asks me where to train for bike riding I know where to send them. All I can say is Darren & ART - a big thank you!!! Al the best Mark (I\'m now on the Harley Sportster 48 and will pop down when we get a dry day !)


17/08/16 12:22 N.Byrne Posted:


Huge thanks to all the guys at art you got me thru my mod 1 and mod 2 first time. Art made the whole thing stress free and gave me lots of confidence. Big thanks to Darren he made the lessons fun and I learnt loads.


24/05/16 10:49 A.Bloy Posted:


Thanks to everybody at ART. Really enjoyed doing my CBT. I would definitely recommend this company to any new riders. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Thanks again!


26/04/2016 11:51 P.Cagehin Posted:


Whoop whoop just passed mod 2 today a massive great big thank you to Darren and the team at art , honestly if you are thinking about cbt or a full license get in touch with the team , thanks again guys :-)))



17/04/2016 17:54 - S.Jackson Posted:


Today I completed my CBT with the help of Darren and Gareth. You guys are awesome, you both made me feel so at ease and gave me the confidence to get out on the road and to keep trying. A wonderful relaxed teaching environment, catered to each individual at their own pace. I look forward to completing module one with you. Thank you again! 


31/03/2016 16:21 - S. Spenceley Posted:


I would highly recommend ART as your school of choice! The level of experience and tuition is outstanding. The training was fun yet serious at the same time. I joined the ART team for my DAS after taking my CBT elsewhere, and passed both MOD1 and 2 within 2 months! The team are super friendly, very welcoming, always making you feel relaxed. With your enthusiasm there is no doubt you will pass with ART so book now! A massive thanks to Colin (and Gareth) who is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and took the time to explain the key fundamentals regarding the art of motorcycling. Thanks Colin



26/03/2016 07:56 - D.Honey Posted:


I would advise anyone thinkin of doing any motorcycle training to use these. You couldn\'t ask for anything more and would like to say thank you for getting me through my DAS mod 1&2 1st time


13/12/2015 09:06 - N.Charles Posted:


I would highly recommend ART in Laindon. From the initial enquiry, right through to passing the mod. 2 test, the staff were excellent. As a novice rider, I immediately felt comfortable with the team at ART, the bike, and going out on the open road, as the instructors inspired confidence. I was more than pleased with the high standard of instruction, the preparation and enthusiasm, during my lessons, leading up to the final test. Thank you ART Laindon.


29/11/2015 22:20 - Shawn Larcombe Posted:


06/11/2015 5 star training motorcycle centre i was told by a friend that he had gone and taken his CBT and passed it he also highly recommended that the guys that took the lesson was very experienced very polite and VERY patient they took the time and explained every thing in detailed i felt very relaxed and felt so at ease with the guys that was doing the CBT i would highly recommend art training to any one that is thinking of taking there CBT test or there A1or there A2


29/11/15 10:05 - V Raja Posted:


An excellent motorcycle training centre. I was recommended ART Laindon by a friend and I could not be more satisfied with my experience. All the trainers are experienced, polite and patient. I had Darren and Colin and both were consistent in their assessment and advice. I have successfully completed the Direct Access Full Licence within eight weeks. I would confidently recommend ART to all. Well done to the whole team including Lucy and Kelly in the back room. 


21/11/15 16:44 Pam Pettigrew Posted:


Thoroughly recommend Art rider training- trainers are professional and patient - thanks for getting me through my DAS 1 & 2 


20/11/2015 18:50 - Zak Tatou Posted:


A big THANK YOU to everone at A.R.T for getting me through the D.A.S. Thanks to Colin (or Charlie as i kept calling him) for getting me through Module 1 & Thanks to Darren for getting me through Module 2 with a clean sheet, no minors. Also not forgetting Lucie and Kelly who work hard in the background. I thoroughly recommend this place, its small, proffesional and very friendly. Thanks again, Zak.


07/11/2015 15:45 - Catherine Boret Posted:


Massive thanks to all the guys and girls at ART, passed my CBT, MOD1 & MOD2 yippy honda CBR 600 here i come, excellent riding school, would again recommend this school to anyone. 


29/10/2015 14:24 - Peter Hughes Posted:


Well, from a complete newbie at riding to passing my module 1, first time (no minors) & module 2 first time (with one minor!!!) all within the space of a couple of months, thanks to these guys! Huge thanks to Chris, excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and overall a great guy, felt very relaxed. But also a big thanks to the rest of the team as well, very efficient and a very well run training school! Top marks! Cheers guys! Pete 


16/10/2015 14:32 - Graham F-Jones Posted:


Thank you all for helping me to pass the MOD2 test yesterday with just three minors. You are all brilliant. YES I PASSED FIRST TIME WITH ART and I still can't believe it! This was my 3rd attempt at the MOD2 after switching M/C schools. Only took two lessons with ART. Special thanks to Luci, Darren and Chris. Can't wait to ride that 1200GS (when I get one) - I am so excited. You are there for anyone wanting to cure their bad habits or learn the essentials and I am so grateful. Thanks again Graham 


13/09/2015 03:15 - Adam Ioannou Posted:


I had my CBT with Art rider training and it was brilliant, the training technique was spot on and by the end of the day I felt very comfortable driving a motorcycle. Top scores from me.


09/09/2015 12:37 - Cruziefred Ravidas Posted:


I'm so glad I went to ART to do my CBT and pass it. I can't thank Darren enough for being such an amazing instructor. Very patient, and always has some great wisdom and knowledge to share with you not only for you to take on the road but also life in general. Overall, the team has such a great vibe. I have no shadow of a doubt that I will be going back to them the day I decide to do my full bike test in the future. I'm eternally grateful!


17/08/2015 14:06 - Nic Swart posted:


The team at Art really are fantastic and I recommend this school for anyone considering their motorbike licence. Luci and Kelly make booking lessons and tests effortless and I really cannot praise my instructor Darren enough. His experience and enthusiasm for motorbikes makes training fun and rewarding - he must also have the patience of a saint! I am really glad I went to Art and I genuinely cannot thank them enough


27/07/2015 06:40 - Michael Polulan Posted:


Just took CBT with them ... Worth every penny!!! Professional , friendly and reliable.... Another happy customer ;)


07/07/2015 18:38 - Mark Whale Psoted:


A huge thank you to all the team at ART for helping fulfil my dream of getting my full licence. Special thanks to Darren, who see me through my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2, Chris and Colin who gave me aditional support and advice, to Kelly and Luci for helping get test dates to fit around my work commitments. It has been a fantastic experience and an honour and pleasure to meet and to get to know these kind, talented and friendly people. From never riding a motorcycle to obtaining my full licence, is a testament to just how good and professional these guys/girls are and would defiantly recommend that you make ART at Laindon, your first visit. I look forward to popping by, when I get that first big bike and I know I\'ll be welcomed with smiles and coffee!! Once again, thank you so much for everything.. Mark x


07/07/2015 09:35 - Andrew Posted:


Passed Mod 1 (1 minor) and mod 2 (2 minors). All my training was done with Darren who was fantastic. He has a wealth of riding experience both good and not so good and all that experience is translated into training. Darren is easy going and the training can be relaxed, but he also pushes you beyond you comfort zone, which serves to build confidence going into tests. Darren just doesn\'t teach you to to pass the test, he strives for perfection and the test feels more like a formality to getting your slip. Being around the training center and all the instructors and girls in the office have the same training ethos, so really helps to drill those skills. Most of all, Darren and the team make the whole training process fun and I will be back soon to enhance my riding skills. Thanks to Darren who took me from someone who has never ridden a bike before back in October when I passed my CBT to someone who now holds a full motorcycle license. Thanks also to the girls in the office who make booking training and tests effortless.


06/07/2015 20:27 - Steve Bidmead Posted:


I started to learn to ride in February and did my CBT with ART, I have now recently passed my MOD 2 test thanks to these guys, they really make the effort to get the best out of you and become a safe rider, a big thank you to Luci, Kelly, Chris, Darren and of course Collin who was my instructor for the whole process. If your thinking of doing a CBT or your full license talk to ART you won\'t be disappointed.


27/06/2015 23:10 - Tony Posted:


Great friendly service from these guys/girls. Top notch training and support from all the instructors. Even with me being a pain with my availability/cancellations, the admin girls always gave me a call and managed to fit me in. Have already recommended and will continue to do so!


04/06/2015 06:02 - Andy benge Posted:


Passed my module 2 first time thanks to these guys,honestly Chris and Darren you guys are spot on along with all the staff they make you feel welcome right from the start. If your local and thinking of anywhere to train these are by Far the right people for you. My module 1 was done by another agency but switched and never looked back. They are always over the moon for you when you pass and the reputation goes along way. Thanks again Andy


17/05/2015 10:56 - Darren Murphy Posted:


Had a great time taking my CBT here on Saturday 16th May. Colin and Chris made me feel very welcome, and, having only ever driven a car for the last 26 years, they soon put a very nervous guy at ease. I wanted to learn on an automatic scooter, but after a positive pep talk from Colin, I trained, and passed on a motorcycle, something I didn't think I'd ever achieve. Lucy also helped me enormously with the issue of buying clothing with lots of advice. I cannot recommend these guys enough. They take a serious training course and make it fun without compromising on safety, and with decadesof experience, they're ready to answer any questions you may have. If you're looking for any type of training on two wheels, take it with ART. Thanks guys. See you again in a couple of years. 


15/05/2015 20:44 - rich Posted:


Past my mod 1 & 2 First time thanks to ART. they really do explain your faults and help you build your confidence for your tests. I would recommend them to anyone. Cheers


18/04/15 18:44 - Rob Posted:


Passed my Mod 2 test last week and just like to say thanks to everyone at ART for getting me through (especially Col). They're a great bunch of guys (and gals) and I'd certainly recommend them if you're looking to learn to ride as their riding knowledge and experience is second to none. Thanks


12/04/2015 17:16 - Jules Kassman Posted:


I did my CBT with ART on saturday, best day I had in a long time! It was a great experience and I learned a lot without pressure and always felt safe. I will definitely go back for my full motorcycle licence!


31/03/2015 05:03 - Shabir Posted:


I want to express my sincere gratitude to you all for my training. You are an amazing team of instructors and I couldn't have asked for more.


I'll recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone, as you were to me, who wants to train for motorbike riding.


22/02/2015 15:39 - Francis Lutton Posted:


I did my CBT with artrider training along with my brother in law. We both really enjoyed the day and learnt so much information. I came away feeling very happy with what I would be able to do on the road. I plan to go back to complete my training and get my full bike licence. Thanks guys


22/02/2015 11:00 - Steve Posted:


Just completed my module 1 & module 2 with art training, what can I say fantastic from start to finish. I done my module 1 with Colin and module 2 with Chris both execelent instructors with decades of riding knowledge. There training style is great sometimes intense but it brings you up to speak real quick and gives you the confidence while taking your test. I have already pointed my mate in there direction and will continue to do so to anyone who wants to learn and ride a motorbike. Thanks again guys a pleasure doing my bike tests with you wonder full team. From Steve. ...


13/01/2015 19:40 - Charlotte Posted:


I passed my CBT today with Art Rider Training. Everybody was so friendly, Darren was brilliant. Before today I'd never ridden a bike and now I feel confident being on the road. Thankyou so much to the whole team. :) 


06/01/2015 14:21 - Aaron Brown Posted:


Passed my full test with ART from cbt to mod 2 test. All training was professional while also being laid back. If you get something wrong they wont just say you done it wrong they teach/show you the correct way to do it and give plenty of time to practice. Always felt welcome and had a good time throughout my training. Great friendly people. Finally would like to thank everyone at ART it was a pleasure :)


24/12/2014 15:39 - Dipo Oni Posted:


I highly recommend ART. A very professional establishment that also make you feel at ease with good humoured banter. They catered for my needs perfectly, resulting in a Christmas Eve pass! Surely one of the best in the business!


01/12/2014 22:05 - Osvaldas Posted:


HI,I just wanted to say big thanks to all guys that helped me to get my full motorbike license. In future if anyone thinks to do the same, I will recommend this training center. Also I want to thank Luci for arranging all tests.Thanks


25/11/2014 17:07 - Tomas Z Posted:


Passed my Mod 2 last tuesday. Very happy with the training that I got. They gave me confidence that I needed to pass. Really laid back guys and very good at what they do. I will recommend art rider to all my friends that need a motorbike training. Thanks to Luci in admin, she made it all easy for me as my working hours arent very flexible. Thank you guys. P.S. You will see me again as soon as I get my gixxer :)


20/11/2014 16:41 - Scott Gillie Posted:


Big thanks to everyone. Great experience throughout. Got me though mod 1 and mod 2. Had a great time and the guys really know how to best improve someone's riding. Will recommend to all Thanks again 


16/11/2014 - Mike Gordon Posted:


A massive thank you to ART getting me through my test first time with only 6 faults throughout mod 1 and 2, had a really good experience with them well recommend. Done my training with (Darren) and he made the whole experience welcoming and fun, very good instructor. Thanks again ART 


13/11/2014 13:43 - Andrew McCarthy Posted:


I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for a great day on 31st October and for helping me get through the CBT. I went from a guy who was doing his CBT as a way of seeing if I even like biking to a guy and who was bitten by the bug by the end of the day.


Darren, it was a pleasure spending the day with you, not only did I feel safe and confident riding a motorcycle for the first time, but through your stories, both good and not so good I have learnt what I believe will be vital skills that I have no doubt I will call upon during my riding career. Oh and not to mention the “terrible” jokes, although the cow field one has been recycled by me in the pub a few times. With that said, I now feel confident to ride a motorcycle and look to many years of riding.


12/11/2014 15:13 - Rudy Raju Posted:


I had excellent training sessions with this riding school. I passed my module1 test with 1 fault and module 2 test with no faults. Instructors here are very focused on safety and there sound experience in this field helps anyone from any riding level to be a good rider. They also tend to understand what is the basic knowledge and experience of a student (like any other trainer/instructor) but the interesting part is they explain and teach things based on an individual\'s perspective (Not many does this). 


08/11/2014 15:58 - Mark green Posted:


Really enjoyed doing my training very helpful and friendly staff will be returning in the new year to further my training thanks to all at ART 


01/11/2014 07:01 - Simon Powell Posted:


Recently took my CBT at this test centre on a moped. I had never riden a moped before however the instructor (Darren in this case) was exceptionally well trained and informative. Within 6-7 hours I was riding on the roads finishing off my CBT with a HUGE smile on my face!! Cannot thank Darren enough and would 100% recommend him to anyone wishing to do a CBT. Many Thanks Simon


28/10/2014 21:18 - Terry Posted:


Just to say big thanks ART was made up to pass me cbt thanks 


20/10/2014 20:12 - Kieron Suttling Posted:


Two months ago I was just starting off on an automatic. I then took a manual conversion course as I felt I needed it and I wanted to. I bought myself a Varadero shortly afterwards, but within a fortnight I was craving more. Now, I've gotten my A2 license! Thank you to all at ART, it has been such a pleasure. I'll be down to show off my next bike and I'll be back for my A license in two years! :D


20/10/2014 12:12 - Chris Taylor Posted:


Luci, many thanks to you, Chris and Rob for an excellent day yesterday. It was a real pleasure to meet you all.  I learnt a lot and really enjoyed your friendly and enthusiastic approach. The teaching and willingness to take a variety of questions and respond with practical answers based on experience was excellent. I managed to write up a lot of good notes in the evening; all good reference material for the future. I also very much appreciated the team’s willingness to let us try the bigger bikes around the car park. That definitely whetted the appetite.



19/10/2014 14:42 - Ricky Morris Posted:


I can not prase the team at ART enough. I started with no experience in bikes and now I have a full licence. Each of the instructors have a different way of teaching but each of them are excellent. There are so friendly and the teaching methods they use are brilliant. That's why they have such a good pass rate, the best in the area by far. Anyone I meet that is looking to start training will be directed to ART. Luci was excellent in arranging training dates and always worked around my busy work schedule even at the weekends. I'm now shopping for a super sport thanks to ART. 


16/10/2014 21:14 - Alistair Cutting Posted:


Would highly recommend ART rider training to anyone considering getting their CBT or indeed further motorcycle licences. I hadn't ridden a motorbike for over 10 years and was a little nervous/excited amplified by the terrible rain over night and in the morning but my instructor Mark easily calmed my nerves with his amazing teaching skills. He pinpointed any mistakes i was making and by the end of the day I felt confident and safe riding on their well kept and maintained 125 bike, despite the extremely wet and leafy roads. I'm looking forward to furthering my motorcycle training and wouldn't consider anyone other than ART rider training to do it with. A big thank you to Mark, Luci and all at ART. Hope to see you soon. Alistair.


02/10/2014 22:31 - Daniel Macklin Posted:


I would like to say thanks to the artridertraining team for getting me through my module 1 & 2 tests. I passed both on first attempts with only 3 lessons and considering that I hadn\'t riden a bike since my cbt over year ago. The art team manage to get all I needed into them three lessons and made it fun and easy with the methods they have use. Massive thanks guys Dan


20/09/2014 11:39 - Jamie Mack Posted:


I would like to say a massive Thank you to all at Art Rider Training especially to Mark and Collin who instructed me through my CBT, Module 1 and 2 training. I completed my CBT, Mod 1 & Mod 2 with Art obtaining my A2 Licence and from start to finish the tuition standard and professionalism was excellent. They have extensive knowledge and take pride in their work, it really shows as they don't just want to help you to pass but to also help you develop as much as possible as a rider whilst making you feel very welcome and at ease throughout your training time with them. Once again a Thank you, I am very glad I chose you guys to do my training with. I will definitely be recommending Art to anyone wanting any form of motorcycle training. 


17/09/2014 21:25 - Steve Eplett Posted:


I am over the moon woohoo! That you guys got me through my licence.thanks very much:-).you made me feel very welcome in your family of very good friends.i am very glad that I came to you guys to learn to ride.I will spread the word about how good and great you guys are. Thanks again to all of you all the best.steveo


17/09/2014 09: 47 - Jason Posted:


I previously obtained a cbt from ART and as a result of that experience when it ran out, they were the first place I went to renew. This time however to see it through to a full cat A licence. After spending time at some point with all the team at Art, training and testing, it would be unfair to pick a favourite, as they were all excellent. They are all very professional and do their best to be sure you are ready for test. I will miss my time at ART with the gang, as I probably enjoyed the training as much as achieving a pass. I would and have suggested ART Rider Training, to anyone wanting any form of motorcycle licence. Thanks guys, sorry I made it so hard on you all...


16/09/2014 00:30 - Lawrence Ng Posted:


I did my module 2 training at ART Rider under Mark and I only have good things to say about the ART team. They are very well managed and treat their students with respect. I had a bad experience at another school which did not teach me the right riding skills to pass the test, but Mark was extremely patient. His extensive knowledge and hands on approach makes Biking an incredibly easy thing. They helped me when I was sort of stuck at points where I was really confused. There are no words to explain how happy I am.


13/09/2014 17:15 - Chris Jacques Posted:


A massive thanks to everyone at ART Rider Training for helping me get my licence back, I couldn't have done it without you and will be recommending you to anyone wishing to get their bike licence. 


11/09/2014 21:53 - Adrian Sheridan Posted:


I came to ART rider training having had a bad experience from another riding school. The team were instantly reassuring and very professional. I took the DAS route and with great results. For my Module 1, practice was at the test centre and I felt instantly at ease. Mark looked at my riding, observed and corrected some faults...I passed the following week. For my Module 2; Mark was keen to get us riding in an assured and confident manner. I took an extra session as I wanted to get my rider as best as possible and yes...I passed. ART is run in a very professional manner and the team are highly motivated to make sure you have everything available in preparation for your test. I have no hesitation in recommending ART rider training. Thank you!!


02/09/2014 13:17 - Darren Harris Posted:


I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!! To everyone at ART rider training. I have just passed my module 2 and their instruction and guidance has been first class. Special thanks to the man!!!, Chris, luci, Kelly,mark and Darren(good name by the way!). You all kept your patience with me and supported me all the way! Please do yourself a favour and save time by going straight here for your training. You won't regret it!


30/08/2014 11:27 - Dave Hoare Posted:


After two lessons and a great teacher Chris I managed to pass both parts of my test due to his great one to one tuition an feeding me with all the confidence that every student needs and I can not recommend this riding school highly enough and for anybody wishing to take there test you will not find any one better so once again I would like to say thank you to Chris and art rider training 


18/08/2014 17:55 Joe Posted:


Excellent day training. I was fortunate to have 1 to 1 with Darren. He paced the training to suit my needs. By the end of the day I was confident and am looking forward to purchasing my first scooter. Will be back in 2 years to retake the cbt. Thanks Joe Noak bridge


18/08/2014 11:21 - Tom Spinks Posted:


ART Rider Training, I would recommend this school and team to anyone wishing to learn to ride a motorcycle. They are all super professional in what they do, are a fun team to learn with, got me through both my modules first time, and I would like to say a big thanks to Luci, Mark, Colin, Darren, and especially Chris who is just a great guy.


14/08/2014 - Srinivasan Sampathkumar Posted:


I took Direct Access course from ART Rider Training and did it in my own time. They are very friendly and teach the students well. Each instructor is special in something, and they have something to teach you. Every staff rides a motor bike including Luci. She is a very smart rider and must see to believe. She puts confidence in every one. Kelly , Chris , Mark ,Colin and Darren all are very good. Darren is a philosopher , good rider , good teacher and good friend to every one. You become part of the family once you go there. I recommend this place for anyone. 


10/08/2014 10:43 - Ben Begent Posted:


Completed both my mod one and mod two with art rider training and had passed all in 8 days! As instructors they are spot on, really knowledgeable and help you to pass your test but also to drastically improve as a rider. It's clear that they go about their job with a sense of pride and it really shines through with the training you receive. As for the people themselves they're a great bunch and really make you feel welcome and confident about what you're doing. Echo all the above sentiments in these reviews and really cannot recommend the guys at art rider training enough. Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else when I do my unrestricted test.


29/07/2014 22:49 - Anthony Esterhuizen Posted:


A big, THANK YOU to everyone at ART, from Darren and Mark doing the training to Kelly and Luci booking all the sessions and tests, and not forgetting Chris who always have helpful hints and tips to improve your riding. I would definitely recommend ART to anyone who wants to get their full motorcycle licence. It's not just a job for them, it's a way of life, and they are passionate in making sure you will be a safe and competent rider. 


29/07/2014 14:47 - Yee Posted:


Thanks to everyone at ART, especially Mark, Luci, Colin and Chris (basically everyone) who made it an enjoyable experience completing the DAS course. With Mark's expert tuition and systematic approach to teaching, learning manoeuvres for MOD 1 was really straight forward. He was always pushing you to do the best but also very encouraging. I would recommend ART rider training to everyone who's looking to do any form of motorcycle training. Thanks again, I'm off to ride my big bike!!!


24/07/2014 15:52 - Eriks Gazijevs Posted:


Very happy, is very good/professional motorcycle school, I was worried and nerves ridding but With help of professional instructors I stop worry, Start progress with my ridding, nice come ride and control of the bike which help me more concentrate what happening on the road and around me. Very PLEASD with ART motorcycle school, looking forward to come back to do my advance training. THANK YOU ALL. 


23/07/2014 22:19 - Cristian Posted:


It was awesome. Never drove/ridden before prior to going in for my CBT and even though it took a second session to help me get at a decent level, they did not lose patience. All in all it was fantastic.


22/07/2014 20:42 - Alex Di Lorenzo Posted:


Very profession service provided on all aspect of my training and done with great skill and genuine desire to see there students pass and become competent and safe confident rider. Can\'t say enough good things. Really enjoy my time there and glad to have the best training I got.


21/07/2014 13:57 - Paul Baxter Posted:


I had a great time learning with these guys. I would recommend them to anyone who want to learn how to ride a bike they make you feel welcome and very at ease. It was a pleasure learning with them. 


15/07/2014 15:15 - Martin Posted:


Chris, Luci, Darren, Kelly, Colin and Mark, thank you you very much for the expert tuition, and making the whole experience from CBT through to passing Mod1 & 2 enjoyable. I couldn\'t ask for more... Now to find a bike :-) and back soon for a polish up or advanced training.


14/07/2014 17:13 - Luke Moody Posted:


Can only say these guys are fantastic to do your training with, they are friendly, helpful and really know what they are doing! they have helped me pass my cbt and mod1, just waiting to do my mod2 when I get back from sea, hopefully I will be on the road enjoying a ride with these guys very soon. They really are the best company to do your training with! many thanks.


04/07/2014 10:55 - Zafar Chaudhry Posted:


Thanks to everyone at ART (especially to Darren and Luci) a very nice bunch of people, training was really good. Although I had attempted the mod1 previous with another school, I passed both my mod1 and mod2 exams at my first attempt with ART. ART are FANTASTIC. 


27/06/2014 14:52 - Shirley bartless Posted:


Hi All


Just wanted to say thanks, especially to Darren for his patience. New bike arrived yesterday and I've been out on local roads today, twice :-) Would never have thought that would be possible it on Tuesday morning.




Thanks again.




24/06/2014 16:22 - Dean Carlaw Posted:


Luci,Chris,mark,Darren,Colin, thanks to all you guys for your training I received towards passing my bike test, I\'m now the proud owner of a kawasaki z750, which has been a passion of mine for many years. Would recommend your company to anyone looking for expert training,in working towards becoming a motorcyclist.


23/06/2014 11:57 - Paul Newman Posted:


having passed 4 yrs ago and not ridden alot ,i decided to have this enhanced riding course to establish where i can improve on being a safer rider. Spending the day with Mark , has given me a boost in confidence and not to doubt my ability. With some words of wisdom and great riding know how , Mark was able to tweak my riding to smooth out some bad habits and highlight what i can change to make me a more competent rider. I would definitely recommend ART to others


22/06/2014 17:35 - Rachel Ballard Posted:


I completed my CBT today, I had Chris as the instructor. I was so nervous as this has been something I have wanted to do for years, I didn\'t need to be as Chris was very professional and made us feel very at ease the whole time and had more faith in me than I did. I am definitely going to go back to them to carry on my training. The whole team are very friendly it was very welcoming. Thank you very much and I hope to see you all soon 


13/06/2014 Stuart Hiam Posted:


I like to thank everybody for a good day yesterday on my cbt 12/06/2014 and my instructors colin and chris and lucy and thank you very much. 


09/06/2014 15:03 - Donald Posted:


Briliant place to learn, big thank you for Colin, and rest of the team, everyone helpfull u wont be dissapointed if u listen advices of any of this instructors everything will be ok, past my both test first time with minor riding faults. Big thank you again!


09/06/2014 14:57 - robert bristow Posted:


Very highly recommend people to use Art Rider Training. Staff are very polite and the examiner explains every thing to you makes you feel so confident . my instructor was Mr D.J Dean worth every penny and makes you safer on the road .


05/05/2014 08:39 - Joel W Posted:


A fantastic service from start to finish. This really is the best of the best. All instructors are extremely experienced. CBT to Mod 2 pass certificate - 6 days :) From initial booking to the triumphant ride home after passing, every step is excellently handled and you are well taken care of. These guys and girls seriously know their industry! Become part of the family at A.R.T, ride safely and confidently...and also have a great time! Very pleased with the service, cannot thank you enough!!! :)


02/06/2014 13:46 - Steve Moore Posted:


Wow!!! i passed first time!! Just want to thank you all especially Chris who took me through all of the training, it was a totally fantastic experience from start to finish, you were all really welcoming, friendly and encouraging!! Totally Awesome!!! I recommend anyone in the Laindon, Basildon, Billericay and Wickford area to use ART for their bike training!! Thanks again! Steve Ps. they make really good tea as well!!


29/05/2014 15:17 - Mark Whale Posted:


A big thank you to Darren and Luci at ART for getting me through my CBT. Friendly staff to make you feel at ease. We had rain all day but enjoyed the experience. I would highly recommend you give these guys a call and get yourself on the road for the first time. Looking forward to coming back to do my licence training. Thanks again.


25/05/2014 16:51 - Jamie Posted:


Done my CBT with Chris and all I can say is highly recommend art they are all friendly and can have a good laugh, all make you feel welcome and going to taking motorcycling to the next level and will defo do it with these guys. 100% top notch


19/05/2014 16:17 - Oscar Perex Posted:


Few lines to thank all the staff at ART. I have done all my training with them, from CBT to the point that I have just passed my mod2 test today and I wouldn't have done it without their help and support. They seem to understand not only how to get the best of you but to calm you down and reassure you during the training and then preparation of the test. Not only that, they are training you to be a good rider and not only to pass the test. I will recommended to anyone looking for a professional training centre and everyone will feel welcome around them. Special thanks to Mark for being so patient and believe in me and Luci for being on top of everything, from first contact to the bookings, test cancellations, etc. Safe ride and see you around. Oscar Perez


12/05/2014 22:13 - Simon Horrocks Posted:


Thanks again to Chris and the team. Always very professional and informative. Can't wait to do both modules to pass. once again many thanks Simon


07/05/2014 12:32 Nick Dale Posted:


Done my CBT and DAS with ART and finally passed my mod 2 today, passed both mod 1 and mod 2 first time and couldn't of done it without Mark and Chris, the best trainers you will find in my opinion! coupled with the fact the people at this school are the best you will come by, friendly professional and best of all love motorbikes! I shall be popping in and catching up when ever i can! Thanks alot guys (and girls) one very happy student!


30/04/2014 20:42 - Rory Griffiths Posted:


5 Star training today I know a lot more now than I did and its been a real confidence booster. I recommend this to anyone if they want too know everything about driving a bike. Thanks Darren and team 


27/04/2014 09:16 - Mick greenwood Posted:


I spent a whole day out with Mark, The Professor to knock out some terrible riding practices that I'd developed. I passed my test in 1980 then stopped riding after a bad RTC for 35 years. Had kids, etc but now want to get back. Mark deconstructed me, then showing me by example built me up towards being almost half decent (job in progress LOL). I had a great day to boot, and I am going to book another day after some practice. Thanks to all the team, you made an old biker very happy. 


24/04/2014 19:01 JOE Posted:


thanks for the training and helping me to pass mod 1 and 2 first time . great time training with Mark helped me kick some bad habbits .


24/04/2014 05:45 - Sue Posted:


Not sure if my last message got to you, so here it is again. To all you ladies out there wishing to get your bike licence, these are the guys to train with. They turned this middle age, very scared and wobbly lady in a very happy and confident rider, passing my Mod 1& 2 first time. More importantly I learnt how to enjoy motorcycling. Whats extra special is that these guys, Mark, Colin, Chris, Luci and Kelly are all very passionate riders themselves, so this passes to you, plus they are short like me, so if I can learn to ride at 47 then you can too. A big thank you to all at ART, couldnt have done it without you. 


10/04/2014 11:27 - tom and kelly (pez) Posted:


My review is like 2 years late lol. these guys are amazing. Well recommended. 10/10 We will be up to see you soon. Hope your all good


06/04/2014 08:24 - Lewis Collins Posted:


Fantastic day Darren was grate thanks guys 


02/04/2014 22:25 - Phil Savill Posted:


To anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike, i cannot recommend these guys enough! I've never met a group of people so keen to see you succeed. A huge Thank you to Mark, Chris and Luci. I'll send you a post card from Italy!


01/04/2014 16:24 - nathan Posted:


A massive massive thank you to all the guys at ART for getting me through my A2 test. they were calm patient and nothing but helpful all the way through, from darren and chris who trained me on the bike to lucy in the office making me coffee and booking everything for me, i couldnt be happier with the services they provided and would recommend them to anyone looking to do anything bike related.


26/03/2014 Morney Thompson Posted:


A big thank you to the team at ART for the help and support in getting over the finish line. After 2 CBTs and Mod 1 and 2 a big thank you. I can now finally work on my dream getting through Africa on a motorbike. Thanks again and will see you soon once I'm ready. THANK YOU. Morney


21/03/2014 14:09 - barry Posted:


Just passed mod 2.. Cant thank all the staff enough.. Absolutely brilliant school and would recommend Mark to ANYBODY looking to ride a bike.. Shame he doesn't do car lessons...Calm and patient and never criticises.. Will definitely stay in touch with them..Was worth every penny and more.. Barry


19/03/2014 10:19 - Jamie Owen Posted:


Thanks to the team I passed my cbt ,there so helpful and friendly I would suggest ART training to anyone new or experienced ,this ain't a scam. I had a great time guys thank you for all your help :) 


11/03/2014 05:15 - Stuart Carr Posted:


just done my cbt with art,hadnt been on a bike for about 25 years,they look after you so well lovely people, i had darren as my instructor great guy and a great passion for bikes.ill be back for more. thank you art


10/03/2014 19:42 - Kieran Brown Posted:


A massive thanks to everyone at ART. Just passed Mod 1 & 2 first time. I was nervous when I first arrived but they all made me feel welcome and comfortable. Completed my DAS within 2 weeks and £200 cheaper than I was offered by somewhere else. Could not recommend enough. Thanks all, I will pop by soon top say hi!


10/03/2014 15:00 - Martin Wood Posted:


Completed my CBT with Chris. Had a cracking day, with expert tuition. Just need to pick my days for mod1 and 2 and I'll be back..


08/03/2014 09:01 - Simon Valentine Posted:


A big thank you to Mark and Luci, completed mod 1&2 assisted by Marks excellent tuition. As other messages posted on this site, you won't find more helpful group of people to teach and demonstrate how to ride safely. I completed my DAS within 2 weeks Art offers great value for money. I have realised my ambition to gain my full licence and cannot thank Mark and his team enough. I fully endorse and recommend Art Rider and the Team...... Thanks guys Simon 


25/02/2014 13:33 - Ryan Barnett Posted:


I am not normally one to write comments and reviews, so bear with me! First things first I would like to thank Luci, Mark, Chris and the rest of the staff at Art Training. As the experience I had with them was first class and faultless. I was very new to bikes, only passing my CBT around a year ago. So I was a little nervous. I opted to go for the DAS. I was made to feel so relaxed and at home. Every single member of staff was so passionate about they role. They teach you not just and ride safely and pass your test, but instil an ethos and an in-depth understanding of riding in general. I would recommend ANYONE to use there service as they are affordable, friendly, and enjoyable. and most importantly they make cracking cup of coffee!! Thanks guys Ryan Barnett


17/02/2014 15:38 - Chris Carney Posted:


Completed cbt followed by mod 1 & mod 2 and would like to say a big thank you to all the instructors and office staff on passing and how professional the training was carried out and would advise anyone thinking of doing there test to give you a call cheers all Chris


16/02/2014 09:36 - Tina Jousiffe Posted:


Thank you to all the guys at Art Rider who made a complete novice feel right at home. e specially the extraordinary patient Colin who guided me through my cbt. I will definitely return when it\'s time for me to do my DAS . So Colin you may want to take that sicky !


18/01/2014 23:54 - Paul Gribbon Posted:


These lot are the business, make you feel you're in a relaxed environment and have some good banter with the lads and ladies in the centre, had my cbt today with Chris and passed along with another student, as me just starting to ride mopeds, Chris taught me alot of manoeuvres that i can perform on the road on which now i feel really confident on my bike, and apart from teaching me how to pass my cbt, he taught me how to ride my bike, which in my opinion is the most important thing. Highly recommended and reasonably priced for the quality these lot produce. 11/10 


17/01/2014 19:42 - Craig Randall Posted:


Absolutely fantastic trainers at ART I\'ve done my CBT with these guys a year ago and have just completed my module 1 & 2 and thanks to their amazing training I\'m now ready for the real world of biking! The thing with these guys is if you listen you really will learn and they always have the time to go through anything your unsure of, you are their priority in making you succeed, these guys want you to pass and will teach you the way to do it! Really pleased with the service of training of ART highly recommended! Thanks guys


27/12/2013 16:45 - Dan Turner Posted:


These guys and girls do not teach you how to pass your test, they teach you how to ride a bike! i did Direct access with ART a few weeks ago, everybody was friendly and have welcomed me back whenever i am free. Its like a new family. Thank you to you all! Dan


19/12/2013 19:30 - Lee Posted:


I did my CBT training at ART rider training back in October, All i can say is they are a great bunch, very professional cant fault them at all. Passed my module 2 yesterday all thanks to the training from this guys. highly recommended you will not be disappointed at all with the training from this guys. i would like to thank you all for your patience& helping me achieve my full bike license. 


12/12/2013 13:50 - Iain Bamsey Posted:


I did my cbt training at ART rider training back in september, i cant fault the professionalism and patience displayed by all of the staff who dealt with the bookings and training. My instructor (Mark) was excellent, a calm influence and very knowledgable. I have got my 125 now and i can still hear his voice in my right ear.."slow down...get upto the speed limit etc etc". i would recommend the laindon posse to anyone considering bike training. i will be back to do mod 1 and 2 in the new year.


2/12/2013 20:15 - Nicky Posted:


Had a conversion lesson from auto to manual. Darren was my instructor and he gave 11/10 for the whole lesson and more. He was so patient and helped to get rid of my nerves, thank you so much. Kelly was great in the office and really made me feel relaxed and welcome. I would highly recommend ART. Can't wait to continue my training with them..Thank you all once again 


21/11/2013 11:51


Just passed my Module 2 this morning so now a full motorbike licence holder! Chuffed and like many of the comments below, I can't thank all at ART enough for making this possible. It was great to have a variety of instructors - all with slightly varying styles which I'm sure has helped make me more of a rounded rider. From not even a CBT a month ago, to now holding a full licence, this is testament to ART's excellent training. Thank you all also for making it such a fun and enjoyable activity! Hope to be back in soon once I have purchased my 2-wheeled pride and joy! Best wishes, Andrew


19/11/2013 13:02 - Gary Maiden Posted:


Hi, I am very pleased with the training I have had from ART they are a fantastic group of people. From the first CBT to the Full Mod 2 test they helped my through gave me confidence and advice, I had never been on a big Bike before so had loads to learn. I had sessions with Darren, Chris and Colin, and Lucy in the office was great pulling all my training together. All the instructors were brilliant and Mark ( the Boss) always had that sound bite of advise that pulled it all together. I needed help overcoming my test day nerves Colin became my champion, always being there, he gave me confidence and I trusted him to help me get through the tests. He is a great rider, coach and trainer and a great Guy, his post rider accessments were superb and this always ensured that my next ride improved (mostly). When I get my big bike I will go back and learn how to really ride amd I know it will be really fun and exciting. Go get your training with ART they are the best team to learn from.


15/11/2013 09:07 - Rob Posted:


Friendly and professional. Really happy with all the tuition and support I received. I fully recommend ART for anyone looking to learn to ride, or pass their test. 


14/11/2013 17:22 - Nik Posted:


A big thanks to the whole ART Team. Can't recommend them highly enough. Professional staff and brilliant teaching from everyone especially Mark from day 1 and also Chris with his last minute advice and jokes. And of course Lucy who booked all my training and test. Anyone looking to do their CBT or Direct Access, look no further as you'll get your money's worth. -Cheers


13/11/2013 20:41 - Gary Brady Posted:


Had my CBT with Darren and cannot recommend him highly enough. I've ridden and done my CBT before, many years ago, but I still learned loads from him. The journey begins here...


08/11/2013 20:20 - Gordon Cox Posted:


Had my CBT with Chris and he said i should do my direct access course, 5 weeks later i passed first time, Chris is very easy going, led me from the start, from my CBT to my test date, had great fun but was serious as well, Chris made me feel at ease, safe, relaxed and gave me confidence, would not recommend anyone else, these guys are the best, 10/10 to Chris and the office staff.


04/11/2013 10:32 - Dean Posted:


Had my Cbt Saturday with chris and Darren,just wanted to say a big thank you to them I had a great day and the guys were 10/10 couldn't fault them,told us everything we needed to know and taught us at a good pace. If your looking at doing a Cbt id definitely go to see theses guys I will be recommending them for sure. Booked it through lucy who was very helpful. Thanks again 10/10


02/11/2013 20:19 - Neil Rimmer Posted:


Just passed my cbt today, instructors were excellent (Chris and Darren) great teachers with knowledge and patients. Great course well worth the money. All instructors and staff very welcoming, would highly recommend. 


31/10/2013 11:38 - Adam Bailey Posted:


Big thanks to all at ART for helping me over come my physical disability and honing my riding skills to pass my mod1/2. Really enjoyed the training and the banter between students and instructors. Big thanks guys and girls Carlsberg don't do riding schools but if they did.......... 


27/10/2013 18:53 - Frances Hughes Posted:


I would like to say a huge thank you to all at ART for getting me through my CBT. Especially Colin who let me ride a motorcycle on my Bike Start which was my first time on a bike. To Darren who helped me pass my CBT on my second time out on a bike, and to Rob who is excellent and very patient, helping me gain confidence and to enjoy riding. And thank you to Luci for your kindness


23/10/2013 16:36 - Reece Smith Posted:


Just got home from passing my CBT with art rider training and absolutely loved it :D Not going to lie, I was dead nervous at the start but did work my way through the day getting more and more confident. My teacher was a gent called 'Darren' and seriously he helped a lot to keep me chilled out and help me to gain my confidence. I will definitely mention this training school to anyone querying where I learnt or anyone wanting to start riding. Cheers again guys, i'll be back soon I hope to show off my CBR I hope to purchase within the following month :D


19/10/2013 20:51 - Michael Sambrook Posted:


Would like to thank you all for a great day doing cbt well worth money


15/10/2013 15:40 - Robert Spinks Posted:


Excellent tuition, very friendly professional instructors and support staff make it easy, safe and good fun while learning. Always get great value for money each lesson. Well maintained bikes and rider protective clothing. I highly recommend this training school. 


14/10/2013 22:29 - Mat Posted:


Enjoyed every minute. Will definitely be recommending ART.


05/10/2013 15:16 - Coral Taylor Posted:


A massive thank you to all the instructors at art , especially mark, chris and darren who have helped a very nervous middle aged women to get through my motorbike test. I can not thank you all enough for the time and effort and will miss my weekly lessons with you, many thanks to u all and also lucy and the girls in the office :-) 


01/10/2013 20:45 - Mark Posted:

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