Friendly and professional motorcycle training in Laindon, Basildon, Essex SS15 6PX providing CBT courses,
training for A1, A2 and A motorcycle licences. We teach you how to ride not just how to pass your test. CBT courses also available in E16.


How do I get a motorcycle licence?

You must do the following to gain a motorcycle licence:

  • CBT
  • Motorcycle Theory test
  • Module 1 practical test
  • Module 2 practical test

What are the Module 1 and Module 2 practical tests?

Link to the official DSA website about the practical tests:


Module 1 is the specified manoeuvres test (as shown to the right – Left circuit shown). Module 1 is a 10-15 minute test carried out by a DSA examiner at the test centre. There are 11 manoeuvres to do such as the figure of 8, U turn, slalom and controlled stop. During training, we take you to Basildon test centre to practice on the actual Module 1 area. Therefore, you will be totally familiar with the MMA (Motorcycle Manoeuvre Area) when you go to test. Once you pass Module 1, you are then able to do Module 2 which is the on road riding test. A DSA examiner will follow you for approximately 40 minutes and assess your ride. Successfully passing Module 2 gains you a motorcycle licence.


For more information on the practical tests please visit the Official DSA channel on youtube:

What licence can I get?

The official DSA’s pdf guide to motorcycle licences:


16 years of age and above: (AM) Moped licence. You can only take the tests on a 50cc moped and get a licence to ride up to 50cc mopeds only. You can ride without L plates and carry passengers. Those who passed a driving test before 1st February 2001 already hold this licence (p).


17 years of age and above: (A1) Light Bike Licence. You take your tests on a 125cc motorcycle and only get a licence to ride 125cc motorcycles. You can ride without L-plates, carry passengers and use motorways. The licence does not upgrade.


In order to ride larger motorcycles you can either
a) Wait 2 years on the A1 licence then re-take Module 1 and 2 for the A2 licence (as below).
b) Wait until you are 19 - if this is short of 2 years of holding the A1 licence you must retake a
theory test and sit Module 1 and 2 again for the A2 licence (as below).
c) Wait until you are 24 to sit Module 1 and 2 again for a full category A motorcycle licence.


19 years of age and above: (A2) Middle Bike Licence: If you are 19 years and up, you can do your motorcycle training and tests on a restricted 500cc (to 47bhp) . You will gain an A2 middle bike licence which means youcan ride motorcycles of up to 47bhp (or 35kw) in power. You can either ride a motorcycle of lower power or restrict a larger sized motorcycle to 47bhp (you cannot restrict motorcycles from twice this power - i.e no motorcycle of greater than 70kw/94bhp). You can ride without L plates, carry passengers and use motorways. The licence never upgrades and the power restriction stays in place.


In order to ride a larger motorcycle you can do the following:
a) Wait a full 2 years on a Category A2 motorcycle and sit Module 1 and 2 again on a 600cc with a minimum power of 40kw/54bhp
the full Category A licence (as below).
b) Wait until you are 24 to sit Module 1 and 2 again for the full Category A licence (as below).

24 years of age and above:
Full unrestricted category A motorcycle licence: If you are 24 years of age and above, or have spent 2 years on the A2 licence you can ride any sized motorcycle without restriction. You can ride without L plates, carry passengers and use motorways.

How much will it cost me in total?

In our experience, we find that most people only need 2 - 4 training sessions and both tests to obtain a motorcycle licence. It can be paid for in parts (i.e. what you do on the day) and we never ask for any one lump sum at once unless you decide to book a package. This makes it more affordable and accessible to everyone. This obviously depends on your experience and progress through training. But as a rough guide you are looking to spend from about £600 upwards for a brand new rider.


Our training sessions are 4 hours long in duration including any short breaks where required and a debrief with your instructor. You have as many or as few training sessions you need to get you to test standard. We find a 4 hour session is a manageable duration and allows you to soak in the new information and skills you are taught ready to progress on in the next session without tiring yourself out. Training for too long of a time is detrimental and unsafe as tiredness will cause you to make mistakes.

How long will I have to wait for a Module 1 or 2 test?

As a training school, we can sit on pre-booked test slots so we can confirm these with you straight away. If none of our options suit your availability then as long as we know what times you prefer, we will can confirm tests as and when they become available (availability is sporadic and changes constantly). This usually happens within a week to two weeks. During busier periods such as August or if examiner availability is effected it can be longer.

How long will it take to get a motorcycle licence?

The answer is purely down to the individual's ability and progression through training. As you know, you must hold a valid CBT and theory test certificate before attempting the practical tests. It is a good idea to get everything done before your CBT certificate expires so you don't have to do it all again. Your Module 1 pass certificate is valid for the life of your theory test certificate. Therefore, you get however long you have left on the theory test certificate to complete both Modules. So for example, if you completed the CBT and theory test at a similar time you will have a whole 2 years to successfully pass Module 1 and 2 and spread the cost out of training out over
this period.

I want to get it all done quickly- is this possible?

Yes, we have had many students come to us and obtain a licence within a week or two- this is very possible however it does depend on our availability and the individual student's progress. Contact us to find out the availability.

What happens if I fail Module 1 or 2?

The target is to always pass first time and with ART, our first time pass rate is exceptional. We are not blowing our own trumpets but the way we train (i.e. get the training you need before going to test) means we produce
high first time pass rates. There is no pressure on anybody to be pushed to test as it is your decision. Should you fail Module 1 for whatever reason, you must wait 3 clear working days to re-attempt it. This is why we strongly advise that people take a modular approach to training and tests. If you had Module 2 booked up immediately after Module 1 as is common on an intensive course, you would forfeit and lose the Module 2 test fee. Please be aware that should you fail Module 2, you must wait 10 clear working days before re-attempting it.
These are not our rules but policies set by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency)

Do I need a theory test before I begin training?

You do not need a theory test in order to do your CBT. However, we need a theory test certificate number to book you into Module 1 and Module 2 tests. Therefore, you can still train in preparation for the tests but you will not be
able to do Module 1 or 2 without the theory test.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can only make changes to your training or tests with at least 4 working days' notice without charge (i.e for Monday bookings you must cancel or amend by Monday the week before at 4pm). Any last cancellations or changes made within 4 working days incur costs of £40 for re-scheduling CBT courses, Training Sessions and Module 1 tests. £90 will be charged for late cancellation of Module 2 tests.

How do I book the motorcycle theory test?

Don't forget you need to complete a motorcycle theory test in order to do the Module 1 and 2 tests but not to do the CBT course.

Book the theory test from this link:

*please make sure you select 'Motorcycle' when booking

We can lend revision books and DVDs at £20 per item. On return of the item we will refund £15 to you. So it costs you £5 to hire each item.


The only official books published by the DSA for theory test revision are: (The official DSA theory test for Motorcyclists) (The official DSA guide to Hazard perception)


We also recommend:


It is cheapest for you to book your own theory test at £31 at the link above but you can book it via ART for £40. We will need the details on your driving/provisional licence to do so.

What do I need to bring with me for training and tests?

You should ideally have your own motorcycle clothing, however, we can lend you anything you need.


An examiner, on test, will require you to be in:


Safety Helmet

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle textile/ leather jacket and/or trousers

Denim Jacket or Jeans as minimum

Sturdy boots covering your ankle (with good grip - no basketball trainers)


We also need to see your documents every time you have training and test. This would consist of:


The Photo ID card of your provisional or full car licnece

CBT certificate (For training and Module 1 and 2 test)

Theory test certificate (for Module 1 and 2 test)

Module 1 certificate (For Module 2 test)


You may also want to bring Headphones (not compulsory but advisable)

When you are out on the road with your instructor you will be given a radio. Some students find that the D-ring earpieces we give you uncomfortable. Most commonly used personal headphones (in-ear bud types for iphones, smartphones etc.) are suitable should you wish to use your own. Please note that on the Module 2 test the examiner will give you their radio and a D-ring style earpiece. You will not be allowed to use your own headphones.




There are no hidden extra costs with ART. All costs include:

  • Bike hire (unless stated) for the whole duration of your training.
  • Free use of our safety equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves, waterproof clothing)
  • Insurance which covers damage to any bikes hired, third party only. Personal injury is not covered and you partake in training at your own risk.
  • Fuel
  • Riding instruction is always carried out at a 2 to 1 student to instructor ratio (unless 1 to 1 has been requested and paid for).


ART Motorcycle Licence training Packages must hold valid CBT certificate


TEST PACKAGE – for A2 (19+) and A (24+)

Cost starts at £550 for 2 x training sessions and both Module 1 and 2 tests


Extra training sessions after the first two sessions = £99

M1 re-tests = £99

M2 re-tests = £209


Confirm your test package booking with £100 deposit or pay for a package in advance in full to receive £25 off!



PROGRESSIVE ACCESS - for those who are upgrading from A1 Light bike to A2 Medium bike licence and from A2 Medium bike to Full A motorcycle licence


Cost starts at £450 for a refresh session plus both Module 1 and 2 tests - further costs as above.


Progressive Access notes:

You must have held your A1 or A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years before you can train and test for the next category. If you reach the minimum required age BEFORE the 2 years you must have a valid theory test certificate before taking your tests again. In all cases you must pass BOTH Module 1 and 2 tests to upgrade to the next category.



For A1 only (17+)

£35 per hour with bike hire (minimum of 2 hours) or £25 per hour on your own bike (minimum of 2 hours)

£15.50 Module 1 test fee    £75 Module 2 test fee (Instructor escort extra cost - please inquire within)




We will beat any price given that it satisfies the following conditions:

1. Similar amount of training

2. Use of Module 1 test area for Module 1 training

3. All inclusive cost i.e no extra damage waiver or insurance costs, inclusive of bike hire, fuel, third party insurance, test fees, use of safety equipment etc.

4. We must have the price quoted in writing either on headed letter paper or an e-mail.


ART Rider Training terms and conditions:

  • Bookings of all types are provisional and only confirmed once a minimum deposit of £40 is received. If no payment is received your space will not be confirmed and offered to those on a waiting list if booking is within 7 days / 1 week. Bookings made within 7 days require minimum of £40 deposit on the day the booking is made.
  • All participants are to behave in a responsible and courteous manner to all other riders, members of staff and the general public throughout the duration of their training. Participants that ride in an irresponsible or dangerous manner will have this noted. If this behaviour continues we reserve the right to call an end to the participants training and any future training without giving a refund of any moneys paid.
  • Any riders suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused participation without refund.
  • You understand that your participation in a training session with ART is undertaken at your own risk and you understand that the company is not liable for any personal injuries incurred as a result of the rider’s actions.
  • Even though all fees include a damage waiver and third party insurance, all ART Rider Training Ltd equipment, including motorcycles and all other property owned by the company, must be treated with respect and participants found deliberately abusing our equipment will be politely cautioned and if this behaviour continues, be asked to leave without refund.
  • The judgement of all staff members is final.
  • In the event that you do not turn up for your training on time as agreed, ART Rider Training may not carry out the training and a refund will not be given. Nor can it be transferable to another date.
  • Any credit you have with ART Rider Training ltd is non refundable if you have a gap of greater than 3 months between training. A refund of any outstanding credit will only be granted within 3 months of your last training date. A £40 charge will be applied per 3 months including the first 3 months.
  • Any lost property found/ left at our premises or in our property will be left unclaimed for 28 days and held for safe keeping. On the 29th day we have the right to remove, destroy or sell the unclaimed property.
  • We will not escort candidates to test who have review markers on file with the DVSA due to previous incidents at DVSA test centres.
  • If there are any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact details are on our Location & Contact page.
  • Our terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


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